i will be using this account for something kpop related but idk what :0 all my instocks were just bought :3

My Hyde album came! ^^ I think it came yesterday, but I didn't check the mailbox XD Also thank you for the JYJ poster! Merry Christmas~
+ taekhwan1210

YAY :3

Merry xmas <3

The album came today! Thank you so much!! :3 Really, THANK YOU <3 Happy Holidays!!
+ stoopid-leadah-intae

Yay that was fast

Hi, Jessica! I received the Super Junior and Kpop stickers, Infinite photocards, and Boyfriend wristband in the mail today. They arrived in 2 days, and they were in excellent condition. Thank you again for sending out my order so quickly. Also, my daughter also says thank you for the freebie sticker sheets. Take care and until my next order. Happy 4th of July!
The Shinee, Ukiss, Teen Top, and Infinite wristbands arrived today with freebies (a SNSD badge and a keychain/charm). Thank you so much for completing my order. It arrived from your supplier in about a week (or maybe less). They are still in the plastic, because my daughter doesn’t want to take them out just yet. So, sorry if the pic is not all that great. But, we love these new wristbands cuz they have that embossed texture and because of the new wristband colors. These were actually a great bargain for $6. I will definitely come back to order more merchandise or buy more instocks. Thanks again, Jessica. Take care. -Merle
Hi! Sorry this feedback is late, but I received the wristbands last week. They arrived in like 2 to 3 days, which was quick. They always arrive in excellent condition, and they look great. My daughter LOVES the textured feel of the kpop group’s name on the wristband. They are so cool. I’m going to order a few more actually. I will send you an order form soon. Hopefully, others will order too. PLEASE ORDER FROM JESSICA! Thanks again! Take care
J: glad you guys like them  :3
Hi! I received the Daesung photocard and Super Junior, TVXQ, Beast, and Cardcaptor stickers a few days ago. They arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Thank you for shipping them out so quickly. It&#8217;s always a problem-free shopping experience with your shop. Plus, you always keep me updated on the status of my order. I appreciate all your thoughtfulness and hard work. Thanks! Take care.
Oh my gosh, I&#8217;m sorry I didn&#8217;t submit this earlier!~
This package came wayy earlier than I expected&#8212; it came in over one week. Probably a week and a half.
Anyways, the albums came in almost perfect condition, and I got little freebies for each album I ordered. For the two B1A4 albums, I got one &#8220;Hats On&#8221; card of Sandeul and another little packet filled with about 7 cards of B1A4 for the other album. And for the BEAST album I also got that little packet. I am superrr happy with my order, and I&#8217;d be super happy to order from this place again!~Thanks so much! Keep up the amazing work! ^_^
Hi, Jessica! I received my order today. I just want to say thank you for everything and for the freebie sticker too. Shipping was quick, like 2 days. That’s pretty quick. I know I didn’t order a lot this time, but I hope even just a little bit helps out. Thank you always. I will definitely order again. Take care. Til next time. -Merle

That helped so much, i got lunch for a week XD hope you like your stuff. your other order will be sent shortly
Hi! I just received my package yesterday. Wow, that’s a lot of pins you put in there. I couldn’t fit them all in the picture, but I just wanted to let you know that they arrived safe and sound. It shipped so quickly. Sorry you had to pay so much for shipping. Thank you again so much, and also for the freebie Shinee poster and Hello Kitty necklace. My daughter loves everything.  I know it must be hard to let go of these, but don’t worry we’ll take good care of them. Now my daughter can change the pin on her pencil case every week or everyday. We wish you the best, and we hope that you and your family are doing well. Take care and again I appreciate everything you have done for us. Keep in touch. -Love yah, Merle and Rosel
Hi! I just received my order. The pins, bracelets, and pins came in excellent condition. Thank you for the Big Bang bracelet freebie. You are just so wonderful. My package arrived so quickly and so neatly packaged. Thank you again! I will definitely order again!